I arrived in this world on a cool October evening in the Hill Country of Texas. From the beginning, I knew I was destined for a life of adventure and helping others. I spent the first few weeks of my life with my 4-legged mom getting fat with my brothers and sister, listening to the older dogs tell stories of what was to come and running through the damp, lush grass on the farm.

I was just 4-weeks old when I realized my destiny. A lady who smelled like lavender came blasting up the drive of the farm in a ginormous black truck, marched into our whelping pen and picked up my little brother, Blue. She cooed to Blue, kissed his little face and told him she was going to be his mommy. She promised a loving home with her and a sister named CC. She told him he could sleep in her big comfy bed, there would be travel adventures to the beach and fly fishing in Colorado , hiking in the mountains, a cement pond to swim in, all the toys he could imagine, lots of canine friends to play with and it went on and on, and on, and on. I’d never heard of such things! The older dogs told us stories about duck hunting, some of us were going on to be service dogs, a few of us would be family pets, but this lady’s plan sounded the best. I decided right then and there, I was the one going home with this woman, not my brother Blue!

I had to make my move quick, before this lady got attached to my brother. I moseyed on over to her and started tugging on her pant leg. LOOK AT ME, I’m the one you want! Then I pushed my brother Blue out of her lap and snuggled up to her. She picked me up and said “aren’t you the pushy one, you look like a little old man”. I thought she liked me, but then she put me down, picked up Blue and said she would be back for him in a month or so. What?

I had to get busy! I only had a few weeks to turn this around and I was determined I was the one going home with that lady. What to do? I overhead the lady say she really wanted an active pup that was smart, inquisitive, full of drive and able to handle being in the public eye. THAT WAS ME; I was born to be famous! I kicked it up a notch over the next few weeks. I had to show my brother Blue who was top dog of the litter, which caused him to be very quiet. Then I pushed the rest of the pups out of the whelping pen and took over the place. I could see the wheels turning in all the two-legger’s eyes who were caring for me and my siblings. I just knew they would change their minds and send me home with the adventurous lady who was here a few weeks ago. They had to, nobody else was going to be able to handle me and I made sure they knew that.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2011 and we were all going home with our new families. I was the first one in the bath that morning. I was all cleaned up, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the porch of the farmhouse watching the ducks swim in the pond when I saw it! The ginormous black truck turned up the drive and the lady who smelled of lavender jumped out. She came marching across the lawn and walked right past me. She blasted into the office like she was on a mission and said “I really would like to take the green ribbon puppy, not the blue ribbon puppy. I’ve thought about it and there is just something about him and he is my puppy”. Everyone started laughing and the lavender lady looked confused. The kind woman who had taken care of me and my siblings just looked at her and said “he’s all yours and you better buckle-up, Buttercup, ‘cause that boy is a handful”. She looked down at me, picked me up and said “hey there, I’m your mommers”. YES, I did it! We were both so happy. Turns out, she wanted me from the beginning too. I jumped out of her arms and started tugging at my mommers’ pant leg, just begging her to go before anyone changed their mind. She looked down at me and said “aren’t you a little tugger”, and that folks is how I got my name.

That was the start of the TuggerTails’ Adventures. Now, almost one million fans, the TuggerTroopies, join me daily on Facebook for TuggerTalk. They have watched me grow, get into all sorts of TuggerTrouble as a youngin’, joined us for the TuggerTravel Adventures to the mountains of Colorado, Hollywood and back across the US to the beaches of North Carolina. They have cheered me on as I earned TuggerTitles in rally, obedience, agility and became a certified TuggerTherapy dog. One of my best accomplishments is being a foster brother to pups who are looking for their forever home. They come to TuggerTowneTexas scared and unsure of what is happening and I TuggerTeach them the joys of being a dog and what a loving home can be like. When I’m not training or fostering puppies, I really enjoy being a Hollywood celebrity, actor and model for magazine covers and products. OH, how I love the camera 

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