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You sure bring a smile to my face pretty Tugger! And of course CC, you know I love her; and last but not least TaterTot!??– M Vallejo-Vazquez
You are a barrel of laughs. You make me smile through your posts and your pictures. Please don’t think about going anywhere anytime soon.– D Felix

The story of the little boy who has autism put tears in my eyes and many rolled down my face. Tugger I too have a son who has downs syndrome is is 47 years old and he enjoys all of the posts, I know as a mom and grandma how rewarding it is to get some kind of reaction from a child that is handicapped. Keep up all the good in your life because you my favorite man are special!– D Manning
Tug you are an ambassador for the breed. Your shenanigans and wonderful personalty gives everyone a glimpse of what it is like to experience the joy of having a Lab in their life. I so often read your posts while reaching over to give our Ms.Maggie a hug..once a Yellow Lab enters your heart..the world is a better place..love ya Tug!– I Tomkins
Mommers-you & Tugger, CC, Reacher, Nonna & now little Tate are truly angels on this earth!! You have no idea how many hearts you touch every day. This sweet story is just one testimony. Love you all & thank you!!– M Brown
Oh boy I am so glad to hear about all the Tugger things ya’ll are going to have. I love you being on Facebook and Instagram and can’t wait for your website. I’m just on Facebook right now cause I am what you would call technology challenged ‼‼You are the first thing I look for on Facebook cause I know I’m going to laugh when I read about you or mommers or TaterTot or any of your friends. You can’ believe how much I love you Tugger???❤❤– J Edge
Oh Tugger , I love when your stories appear every morning. I,too have a yellow lab whom I love dearly as the mommers does you. Now, with your Tater Tot brother, I can only imagine how much fun your house is now❤? You have done incredible things in your short life & I hope you continue to succeed. Congrats to you on all your adventures coming up.– N Russell
Tugger you are Awesome!!! This story brought tears to my eyes. I am a RN & have seen the healing affects animals can have on hospitalized patients…It is beautiful to see! You have a beautiful sweet soul which we can all feel through the computer screen – not to mention that adorable face and irresistible personality!!! You are a Very Special & Sweet Doggie & we are all blessed to join in your fun & entertaining antics!!! You are TUGGERIFFIC!!!! ❤❤– T Berner
My daddy passed away in September and since then I’ve fallen into a little bit of a depression. Every day I look forward to reading your posts because they make me smile and laugh. Don’t get me wrong I love my Max but there’s something different about you. So I need to say thank her for helping me through hard times. Love you Tugger and TaterTot!– K Crump
Tugger you brighten my day every day, I look for your post before I start my day. I would love to meet you and give you lots of hugs and kisses. You and mommers have been through lots of adventures and I have loved following you. Can’t wait to see your store site.?❤️– K Temares
Tugger’s stories always put a smile on my face. We are quite familiar with lab life as we have a black lab named Maci. She isn’t quite as mischievous but still makes us laugh. Mommers is such a creative writer , kudos to all. L❤VE Tator too– T Miceli
I have been following Tugger for a couple of years now, enjoying every posting. I lost my big Lab, Bear, two years ago, and along came Tugger on my FB feed. While Tugger is not a replacement, he certainly brightens my day and makes me very happy. Love you Tugger!!– M Kunetka
Love seeing what your up to everyday Tugger and not only do you make me laugh but so does your Mommers ? can’t wait to check out your website and see the Tugger threads. Sounds like a Christmas shopping extravaganza– P Boarding
Continued success.. you guys make my day❤❤ Tugger helps me as we continue to miss our lab, Tori, even though it’s been 4 yrs?.. what a joy & the new pup is beautiful ??. Many thanks?– A Recknor
Tugger you are one cool dog! Your daily stories about you and Tuggertot make my day. I also follow you because you remind me of my Labrador that has crossed the bridge! Thanks for making me laugh everyday! You rock Tugger!– A Hecht
Tugger I’ve been reading your stories for about a year now, I’ve told my best friend about you, now she is reading your stories and watching your video. You put a big smile on my face. I hope that one day I will make my dream come true as to live by the beach and have a lab like you. Hugs and Kisses tugger– L Murphy
Tugger your the only reason I go on Facebook…You put a smile on my face constantly and every time there is a video of you playing my little Teddy Bear Toy Poodle barks and paws at the screen cause he wants to play with you and now your brother too….Tugger and now also TaterTot thank you for brightening up my day…yes you are my pet therapy too ?????– L Frankel
No way you can hear your stories and see your sweet/silly face and not smile and giggle a little. Mommers you do a great job capturing all the TuggerTales for us to enjoy!– S Russell
You should put all the Tugger posts into book form – it would make a bunch of happy people!! (You may have already done this – if so, I want to buy!!)– S Hust
Tugger you rock!!! My girlfriend and I look for all you adventures and I know that they have put many a smile on my face since I became a Troopie and I look forward to many more.– F O'Donnell
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